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Our Territory

Montalto delle Marche is a town in the province of Ascoli Piceno in the heart of central Italy, between the Adriatic and the Apennines, and exactly on the rolling hills between the sea and the Sibillini Mountains, situated in an elevated position between the valleys of and Tesino.

Country of origin of Pope Sixtus V, has been deeply affected by this circumstance that made him, for three centuries, one of the many small “capital” of the Marches.

The history and the discovery of important archaeological finds, testify that Montalto was inhabited since Neolithic times and, of course, the Piceni and of course the Romans have left their testimony, now collected in the local Archaeological Museum, with its more than 3.000 exhibits.

However, the origins of the agglomeration that would give life to the city date back to the ninth century, when five small castles – Mount Patrick, La Rocca, Montaltello, San Giorgio and San Lorenzo – fused together..

The turning point

The real turning point for the history of Montalto was 1586, when Pope Sixtus V, recently elected pope, gave it the title of city by building a bishopric.

If after 1860 Montalto had become one of many small agricultural centers dell’Ascolano, having given birth to a master architect as Giuseppe Sacconi ( 1854-1905 ) helped to restore her luster.

Montalto today attracts many tourists just for its illustrious past.

The perfect territory

But in addition to a very rich history and remarkable, now, the real wealth of Montalto is the territory on which it stands: rich in vineyards and olive groves, in a particularly high hill microclimate, and the view is wonderful: a patchwork of olive groves, vineyards, orchards, woods, meticulously cultivated fields that cover the hills under a bright sun and a beautiful blue sky.

And it is precisely here that lies the PODERI DEI COLLI, that is where the farm of Mannocchi family was born and developed.

Poderi dei Colli tells a story of passion and elegance that is born in the world of wine, it made a tradition of strong ties with the Piceno, land rich in colors and perfumes that only the proximity of the sea, hills and mountains can give.